Christmas 2020 build schedule

This being stuck at home thing has really thrown me off my usual process of creating my build plan. Usually I think about what I want to do, order the pieces when the LOR summer sale is on, then build my work back plan once I know what I am doing.

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I’ve got the Power

I am always very nervous that I start blowing breakers when I first turn my lights on. I get especially nervous as many of the lights run on the same circuit as my garage door opener, every time I hit the button to open the door I worry a breaker will pop taking out the lights. When I add an extra controller each year I am also very anxious around my load capacity so I decided to remove that anxiety. I’ve been thinking about adding more power to my front yard for a few years, being stuck at home I decided to action it and add some extra circuits in my front yard.

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The Canada Tax

Here we are on Canada day, being thankful for all the great things being a Canadian brings, but being a Christmas light junkie I have to pay a significant “tax” for being Canadian.

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We’re Half Way There

In the famous words of Jon Bon Jovi “Woah, we’re half way there”
Woah, RGB thoughts are in the air. It is the halfway point between turning my lights off on Jan 4th and light up 2020 on Nov 28th.

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And we’re done!

It’s been a long (6 week) build to get all the lights up, with mostly co-operative weather and very few problems, until the final weekend that is. Continue reading “And we’re done!”

Building a Matrix pt. II

Last year I built a matrix with some extra pixel nodes I had. I enjoyed the pixel screen so much I decided to build matrix borders across the front of my property (and maybe sneaking a little over onto the neighbors). I will be adding 2 matrix, one each side of the driveway made up of three sections. Each section will be 50 X 10 pixels, 2 two sections to the right of the driveway and one section to the left.

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And so it begins…

As summer fades into fall my thinking starts to move towards this years build. This initially kicked off in August when I put in my order in for new lights during the Annual Light-O-Rama summer Sale, but then gets forgotten about again until the boxes arrive. Continue reading “And so it begins…”