Spring Teardown

This year was an particularly long and cold winter with lots of snow. So much so we had nearly six consecutive month of evening temperatures below freezing. This created challenges from when I started putting up my lights to when I took them down. Continue reading “Spring Teardown”

Troubleshooting RGB Strings and Other Things

One thing I noticed after getting my show live was one of my RGB strings was not behaving as expected. This is one of those things that no one else would probably notice because it happens so fast, but to me it was like not having the string on at all. Continue reading “Troubleshooting RGB Strings and Other Things”

Getting to live

After the final push there wasn’t much left to do to get the show live for our annual light up party.  I’d actually taken Friday afternoon off work to finish any last pieces and work out any bugs but really didn’t need it. Continue reading “Getting to live”

The Final Push

I need to travel out of town this week so I don’t have long left before our official light up party on the 2nd. This weekend I needed to push to get as close to complete as possible. By the end of the weekend I had every light hooked up (around 7,000 of them)  ready for some testing.
Continue reading “The Final Push”