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2019 Videos

This year we continued to replace LEDs adding 2,200 RGBs, including 10 metres of Pixel panels. Most of the music is carry over from last year upgraded for this years layout, I’ll likely add a couple of new songs throughout the season. I will capture the videos and post them here as I do.

2018 Videos

In 2018 I added 1,800 RGB lights to my display, bringing the total to 2,600. Additions included 800 RGBs on my large spruce tree, RGBs for my mini trees and adding additional RGB bulbs to the remainder of the house (living room window and roof line). I also sequenced two entire Christmas albums for 2018. Now: The Christmas Album and A Twisted Christmas as well as converted additional sequences from 2016 for a total of about 2h 30 mins of music.

2017 Videos

2017 was my first foray into RGB lighting adding 200 RGBs to the house, a 400 Pixel Tree and 2 RGB floodlights. I has a little less music (~45 mins) sequenced this year as it was a much bigger effort to convert from LED to RGB than I initially intended.